How To Enjoy Life In Luxembourg: Joanne Zhou

The ties between Luxembourg and China are plenty, witnessed by the daily rumble of Cargolux 747s making their way to the Far East. But how does it feel to come from one of the most populous countries in the world and live in one of the smallest ones?

Like so many of us, Joanne Zhou ended up in Luxembourg on account of her significant other landing a job here. Coming from what in bureaucratic parlance is known as a third country, she and her family had to jump through even more hoops than most people interviewed on this podcast.

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Luxembourg’s On/Off Switch: Mike Isenor

You might think it weird to talk about curling just as Summer is about to, well, break out. And you would be right, of course. But then again, a lot of things in Luxembourg were weird in the past two or three months, so why stop now?

For many people the past two months of lock-down have only exacerbated that familiar feeling of being trapped (or cocooned, depending on your point of view) inside the expat bubble, with minimum interaction with the local population and the internet as the only lifeline to the civilisation as they know it. Mike Isenor is not one of those people.

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Don’t Pressure Yourself: Tama Moiser

Not that you could tell in the age of the coronavirus, with the lock-down in place and what not, but it’s end of April and of course this means it is high time for this month’s episode of Luxventures.

Tama Moiser is a New Zealander who years ago landed on Europe’s shores and eventually made a decision to move to Luxembourg. While to some that may seem strange, peculiar or downright silly, it made perfect sense to her. And it turned out to be – to turn a popular phrase – a call that aged well.

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