First Rule Of Talking About Luxembourgish Politics: Bill Wirtz

In this episode of Luxventures we change tack a bit and talk about politics in Luxembourg. Or, rather, we talk about the first rule of talking about politics in Luxembourg. Which is that one should never talk about politics in Luxembourg. Especially if one is an expat.

OK, so things are not really that weird, but there are nuances to Luxembourgish political attitudes which might be hard for expats to understand. Especially if one comes from a very political and/or divided society, like yours truly.

To this end, we’ve enlisted the help of Bill Wirtz, a freelance journalist who hails from Luxembourg and is currently based in Brussels.

Recently, Bill wrote a wonderful column in the Luxembourg Times on Luxembourgish attitudes towards politics and how to go about them if you’re an expat (hint: don’t).

Bill helps us understand what happened in the October parliamentary election and why Luxembourgers get a bit apprehensive the moment one brings up a political subject.

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Luxventures will be back next month.

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