The Bank And The Podcast: Matt Rees

This is the final episode of Luxventures in 2018. Holiday season is upon us, office parties are aplenty and kids’ school Christmas shows are horrifyingly cute. But we won’t talk about that. At least not all that much.

Instead, we’ll talk about the EIB, European Investment Bank. You know, that complex on the edge of Kirchberg where sometimes you get the feeling the 70’s called and asked for their architecture critic back.

But rather than architecture, about which this podcaster has absolutely no clue, we will talk about the bank itself, its mission and its podcasting and social media adventures.

Helping us out will be Matt Rees, head of the editorial unit at the EIB, an accomplished novelist and a man who only a few years ago decided he’d had enough of the daily adrenaline rushes covering events in the Middle East and opted instead for the daily dose of adrenaline that is the rush-hour in Luxembourg.

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Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! (or is that the other way around?)

Luxventures will be back early next year.

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