Spaceminer: Nick Wilkinson

If you like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, then you’ll love this episode of Luxventures. Not only does it feature two middle-aged guys in a motorised vehicle, it is also marginally funnier.

But since neither Nick Wilkinson nor myself own massively overpriced cars, we literally talked in the back of a bus. The dreaded line 222, to be exact. We did talk about massively overpriced cars, though. An buses. And ticket inspectors.

But we also talked about Nick’s music, his teaching career and The Spaceminers, a band he joined recently and just started a regular gig at The Moonlight Cafe in Kehlen. Which is probably the best reason to visit the place you’ve had in a while.

Thanks for tuning in, or downloading, as it were. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Luxventures, again just barely making the monthly quota.

If you’re listening to this on Friday, March the 1st, don’t forget to check out The Spaceminers tonight at the Moonlight Cafe in Kehlen. Otherwise, consult their website or various social media channels.

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Luxventures will be back next month.

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