In Luxembourg, Let Yourself Be Surprised: Matic Zorman

Usually, arranging for a guest to appear on a podcast – let alone Luxventures podcast – takes time. Scheduling conflicts, prior obligations, uneasiness about this weird journalist character wielding the microphone, it all matters. But then again, sometimes you get stuck in front of a train station in Brussels at 3 AM and lo, behold…

For all intents and purposes, Slovenian photographer Matic Zorman came to Luxembourg directly from the Middle East. Ever since the move, he has tirelessly chronicled the country and its people. He finds that there is much more to them than meets the eye. But you must let yourself be surprised.

You can follow Matic on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and do keep an eye out for his non-journalistic work as well.

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Luxventures will be back next month.

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