Luxembourg, Easy And Complicated, Simultaneously: Gregor Schusterschitz

Some people become expats by choice. Others, by necessity. Some, however, are expats by profession. Most of these are called diplomats and Luxembourg is full of them.

Austrian ambassador Gregor Schusterschitz was, until recently, a staple in Luxembourgish diplomatic and media circles. His musings on Twitter were especially witty. Then Brexit happened and Ambassador Schusterschitz was appointed as head of the Austrian delegation in the Brexit working group. Needless to say, things got really busy really quick.

As fate would have it, the ambassador left Luxembourg before Luxventures got around to asking for an interview. But we caught up with him in Brussels, in his new posting as deputy head of Austrian permanent representation to the EU.

But it was for the best. From a little distance, both chronological and physical, we talked about how Luxembourgers view foreigners, how they see themselves and which part of the country you should definitely visit, even if it is somewhat off the beaten track.  

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Luxventures will be back next month.

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