Spaceminer: Nick Wilkinson

If you like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, then you’ll love this episode of Luxventures. Not only does it feature two middle-aged guys in a motorised vehicle, it is also marginally funnier.

But since neither Nick Wilkinson nor myself own massively overpriced cars, we literally talked in the back of a bus. The dreaded line 222, to be exact. We did talk about massively overpriced cars, though. An buses. And ticket inspectors.

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A New Beginning in Luxembourg: Ellen Salloum

The first episode of the new season features Ellen Salloum, a Syrian mother of two who was forced to leave her country on account of the conflict there. She talks about her fears and worries as well as relief and piece of mind when she realised she and her family will stay in Luxembourg for a bit.

We talked about how Luxembourg and its people look from the standpoint of someone who was primarily trying to escape from a war-zone but who also had little say over their final destination.

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The Bank And The Podcast: Matt Rees

This is the final episode of Luxventures in 2018. Holiday season is upon us, office parties are aplenty and kids’ school Christmas shows are horrifyingly cute. But we won’t talk about that. At least not all that much.

Instead, we’ll talk about the EIB, European Investment Bank. You know, that complex on the edge of Kirchberg where sometimes you get the feeling the 70’s called and asked for their architecture critic back.

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