A Photographer in Luxembourg: Vio Dudau

Vio Dudau is a Romanian photographer who ended up in Luxembourg while searching for a more moderate climate. Yes, you heard that right.

But other than the weather, the perennial topic of life in Lëtzebuerg, we talk about setting up your own business (hint: it’s not all that easy), life outside your run-of-the-mill expat bubble and, of course, the best spots to snap pictures in and of Luxembourg.

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First Contact: Valter Mavrič

In this episode we talk to Valter Mavrič, a compatriot of mine who moved to Luxembourg some fifteen years ago and never looked back. For he most part that’s because he’s busy heading the General directorate of the European Parliament for Translation, or DG TRAD as it is affectionately known on the inside.

But also because not only has Valter adopted Luxembourg, Luxembourg seems to have adopted him. Which is why we talked about breaking out of the expat bubble, whether it is worth it (spoiler alert: it most certainly is) and how to make the first contact – a little less awkward.

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Podcasting in the Grand Duchy: Martin Jonsson

After an unplanned two-month-long hiatus, we talk to a fellow podcaster. Martin Jonsonn is a podcaster based in Luxembourg but hailing from Sweden. Although you’d never guess just by listening to him since his English is infuriatingly perfect.

Martin in an incredibly nice and smart guy and very easy to talk to, so it is little wonder we covered a broad range of subjects. Not in the least podcasting. Among other things, Martin also produces LetzCast, a podcast tackling broadly the same issues as Luxventures. Which brings us to the obvious question: Is Luxembourg big enough for the both of us?

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