How Big Is Luxembourg In Texas: Joseba Echave

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. If so, just how big does Luxembourg look from the Lone Star State?

By local standards, Joseba Echave is a relatively new arrival. A Spaniard who came to the Grand Duchy not from Spain but from the land of cowboys, Davy Crockett and, well, nice weather.

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Luxembourg, eh: Karen Wauters

By far and large Canadians are so infuriatingly nice, that it’s easy to understand why they can get on other people’s nerves. I mean, even the prime minister’s motorcade signals when making a left turn. But what, if anything, irks Canadians in Luxembourg? Or, at the very least, one particular Canadian.

In this episode of Luxventures we talk to Karen Wauters, who has seen Luxembourg develop from a sleepy little place only Eurocrats and bean counters got their kicks out of to the bustling multicultural little place that it is now. Be it bureaucracy, customer service, goods available or culture events Karen offers unique and interesting insight of a veteran ex-pat. Oh, and curling, we mustn’t forget curling…

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