Luxembourg’s On/Off Switch: Mike Isenor

You might think it weird to talk about curling just as Summer is about to, well, break out. And you would be right, of course. But then again, a lot of things in Luxembourg were weird in the past two or three months, so why stop now?

For many people the past two months of lock-down have only exacerbated that familiar feeling of being trapped (or cocooned, depending on your point of view) inside the expat bubble, with minimum interaction with the local population and the internet as the only lifeline to the civilisation as they know it. Mike Isenor is not one of those people.

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Radio in the Age of the Virus: Lisa McLean

As Luxembourg grinds to a near-halt during the coronavirus  lockdown, some people are reminded of the way things looked like around here in the nineties.

Lisa McLean is station manager of Ara City Radio, where  – full disclosure – this podcaster now pollutes the airwaves once a week. She arrived in Luxembourg some 20-odd years ago and we talked about how being an expat here changed over time but also how radio has once again become relevant as a quick and reliable source of information.

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