Luxembourg, Easy And Complicated, Simultaneously: Gregor Schusterschitz

Some people become expats by choice. Others, by necessity. Some, however, are expats by profession. Most of these are called diplomats and Luxembourg is full of them.

Austrian ambassador Gregor Schusterschitz was, until recently, a staple in Luxembourgish diplomatic and media circles. His musings on Twitter were especially witty. Then Brexit happened and Ambassador Schusterschitz was appointed as head of the Austrian delegation in the Brexit working group. Needless to say, things got really busy really quick.

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Captain on the Bridge: Marjan Golobič

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that people mostly just keep coming to Luxembourg. Sometimes, people also leave Luxembourg. But very rarely do people leave Luxembourg to live on a boat.

As cosmopolitan as Luxembourg has become, it is no substitute for actually seeing the world with your own eyes. And I literally mean »seeing the world«, as my guest in this episode has seen a good part of it, mostly in places that are deep, blue and pretty much devoid of other humans.

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Luxembourg, eh: Karen Wauters

By far and large Canadians are so infuriatingly nice, that it’s easy to understand why they can get on other people’s nerves. I mean, even the prime minister’s motorcade signals when making a left turn. But what, if anything, irks Canadians in Luxembourg? Or, at the very least, one particular Canadian.

In this episode of Luxventures we talk to Karen Wauters, who has seen Luxembourg develop from a sleepy little place only Eurocrats and bean counters got their kicks out of to the bustling multicultural little place that it is now. Be it bureaucracy, customer service, goods available or culture events Karen offers unique and interesting insight of a veteran ex-pat. Oh, and curling, we mustn’t forget curling…

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