Podcasting in the Grand Duchy: Martin Jonsson

After an unplanned two-month-long hiatus, we talk to a fellow podcaster. Martin Jonsonn is a podcaster based in Luxembourg but hailing from Sweden. Although you’d never guess just by listening to him since his English is infuriatingly perfect.

Martin in an incredibly nice and smart guy and very easy to talk to, so it is little wonder we covered a broad range of subjects. Not in the least podcasting. Among other things, Martin also produces LetzCast, a podcast tackling broadly the same issues as Luxventures. Which brings us to the obvious question: Is Luxembourg big enough for the both of us?

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Alexa, What’s The Weather In Luxembourg: Max Amordeluso

In this episode of Luxventures wa talk to Alexa. Well, not Alexa as such, although we’ve heard of people talking to the artificial assistant as if it were a real person, which is kind of sad. Rather, we speak to Max Amordeluso, EU Lead Evangelist for Amazon Alexa, who landed in Luxembourg about three years ago on a really cold spell in mid-July and had about a week to get his head around the place he now calls home. Or, to be exact, one of his homes.

What brings a man from Florence to Luxembourg via Florida, how much of a bubble do expats live in and is there a bubble inside of a bubble. And last but not least, if moving to Luxembourg is in the cards, what are the 3 things you should be prepared for.

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Luxembourg, eh: Karen Wauters

By far and large Canadians are so infuriatingly nice, that it’s easy to understand why they can get on other people’s nerves. I mean, even the prime minister’s motorcade signals when making a left turn. But what, if anything, irks Canadians in Luxembourg? Or, at the very least, one particular Canadian.

In this episode of Luxventures we talk to Karen Wauters, who has seen Luxembourg develop from a sleepy little place only Eurocrats and bean counters got their kicks out of to the bustling multicultural little place that it is now. Be it bureaucracy, customer service, goods available or culture events Karen offers unique and interesting insight of a veteran ex-pat. Oh, and curling, we mustn’t forget curling…

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