Alexa, What’s The Weather In Luxembourg: Max Amordeluso

In this episode of Luxventures wa talk to Alexa. Well, not Alexa as such, although we’ve heard of people talking to the artificial assistant as if it were a real person, which is kind of sad. Rather, we speak to Max Amordeluso, EU Lead Evangelist for Amazon Alexa, who landed in Luxembourg about three years ago on a really cold spell in mid-July and had about a week to get his head around the place he now calls home. Or, to be exact, one of his homes.

What brings a man from Florence to Luxembourg via Florida, how much of a bubble do expats live in and is there a bubble inside of a bubble. And last but not least, if moving to Luxembourg is in the cards, what are the 3 things you should be prepared for.

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(Why Don’t You) Get A Job: Gabor Fodor

All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes all that glitters is just fucking glitter that gets everywhere and is impossible to get rid of leaving you feeling stupid and slightly dejected, pondering your choices in life. Which is what looking for a job in Luxembourg can feel like.

Specifically, a job for the significant other, who tagged along with their eurocrat / financial / IT / steel & metallurgy / space-mining sector-dwelling spouse. Sure, playing the desperate housewife of any gender can be fun for a while and kids do grow up so fast, but you know… there’s life beyond the post-box and the local Cactus store. So, should you give it a go?
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Luxembourg, eh: Karen Wauters

By far and large Canadians are so infuriatingly nice, that it’s easy to understand why they can get on other people’s nerves. I mean, even the prime minister’s motorcade signals when making a left turn. But what, if anything, irks Canadians in Luxembourg? Or, at the very least, one particular Canadian.

In this episode of Luxventures we talk to Karen Wauters, who has seen Luxembourg develop from a sleepy little place only Eurocrats and bean counters got their kicks out of to the bustling multicultural little place that it is now. Be it bureaucracy, customer service, goods available or culture events Karen offers unique and interesting insight of a veteran ex-pat. Oh, and curling, we mustn’t forget curling…

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